UI Design – Resources to Read

Bruce “Tog” Tognazzini’s list of First Principles of Interaction Design (Revised & Expanded) – AskTog.com

UX Project Checklist is a great compilation of UX checklists created by @sovesove

Nielsen Norman Group or NN/g post on 10 Usability Heuristics – nngroup.com

Treehouse brought out their own list of 10 User Interface Design Fundamentals.

How Usability Testing Drastically Improved My Client’s App is a study on usability testing and the improvements it led to, published on Smashing Magazine.

This Comprehensive Review of Usability and User Experience Testing Tools is also published on Smashing Magazine’s site.

A Comprehensive Matrix and Review of 14 Usability Testing Tools is a read on Useful Usability.

JDVorheis UI/UX Designer  http://jdvorheis.me/graphics12.html

JD Vorheis – Moodboard for UI Design – Courtesy of: http://www.jdvorheis.me

Courtesy of: http://www.un-titled.co.uk/citizenshipfoundation/
Courtesy of: http://www.un-titled.co.uk/citizenshipfoundation/

Try pargavi.com for examples by UX Designer Pargavi Velmurugan who was trained at Art University, San Francisco

On wireframes: look at this blog: Wireframes

Also a valuable read (in French) by Francois Chaillot: Veille Digitale and Zoning, Storyboard, Wireframe, Prototypage, Moodboard, UI Design

User Interface Design Basics is a post at usability.gov

What Should I Look For in a UI Typeface is a very detailed look at type for UI by Design by IZO.

Typographic Design Patterns and Current Practices is a comparison of the use of Sans Serif and Serif fonts on Smashing Magazine.

Dive Into Typography on HackDesign is a broad and interactive resource on typography.

Other interesting searches and resources:

Google Search for [UI checklist typography]

Google Search for [UI typography considerations]

Microsoft’s Project Silk: Chapter 4 – Design and Layout

An entertaining YouTube video going through the prototyping process for startups by Awesome.

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