Moodboard Research

Here are some resources for Moodboards:

  1. Moodboard instructions
  2. Moodboard samples
  3. Moodboard online software

Moodboard Instructions

Moodboards will look different depending on their purpose. A moodboard for the User Interface of an app will look different to one for a new Fashion range or a musical composition.

I used to create moodboards on cardboard or actually paste board. The most important aspect is that a moodboard should communicate a feel and sense of colour and style. This can be used as a way to show a client what your understanding of the project is. You are basically painting a picture of where you are planning to take the product and project. A moodboard can also be a chance for you to collect your ideas visually for yourself or for your team.

These are the ingredients or components of a moodboard:

  • images of inspirations
  • images of users or a target audience
  • images of the context of when the product may be used
  • images of similar products that you draw inspiration from
  • a loose colour schedule (a number of colours with hex-codes or RGB values)
  • examples of fonts that suit the project for headings and body text
  • examples of adjectives that you associate with the project
  • examples of textures and/or patterns
  • other inspirational examples

Read 24 pro tips for creating inspirational moodboards on Creative Bloq to get a bit of an idea.

An excellent read is How to Create a Moodboard and Get Your Creative Juices Flowing by Janie Kliever on Design School (

Get Your Designs Started With Moodboards is a basic intro into moodboards at TNW News.

Moodboard Samples

Find more great moodboard examples at these sites:

Moodboard Online Software

Read this post on Creative Bloq: 16 great tools for creating moodboards

GoMoodboard is an online moodboard tool, that seems easy to use.

Niice is another interesting moodboard tool.

A really unusal way to create a moodboard is Multicolr by TinEye Labs. This tool is a reverse image finder, where you first establish your 1-5  base colour/s and you may enter tags (search terms) and Multicolr will create a moodboard for you by finding image online that suit your search criteria. Great tool to try out and a lot of FUN.

Pinterest, tumbr and WordPress are other online sites that have moodboard capacity.

Personally, I love using Adobe Photoshop when I create a moodboard.

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