Ideas for Mr. Tom

Here are a number of good sites if you want to set up your own online business. You want to look at ideal CMS that allow eCommerce and are easy to maintain for a newbie to web design.

14 Useful Online Tools for Webdesign Planning and Prototyping – read this post on WebDistortion to find tools that allow you to plan and prototype your website, such as sitemap builders or drawing packages that allow for easy creation of a sitemap.

21 Resources to Help You Build a Company Website in Less Than an Hour – read this post on KissMetrics to learn about CMSs that support features needed in eCommerce and business websites.

Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms Reviewed & Compared – read this comparison on eCommerce Platforms of 5 successful eCommerce sites

Google search for [best cms for ecommerce learning materials]

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