CMS Market Share and Ratings

Open Source CMS is a site worth following as it has a lot of interesting data regarding CMS and web designs. Here are two posts to follow:

CMS Market Share

A pie chart on the market share of CMS - Nov 2016
Open Source CMS –

WordPress has been sitting on 69% – 70% over the past months. OpenSourceCMS updates this pie chart regularly and it is interesting to see by how much WordPress dominates. WordPress is Open Source and is a great platform that ensure optimal SEO second to none. Joomla is doing well in second position and quite far off the third: Drupal. Still, if you look closely at the market shares of Joomla (10%) and Drupal (6%) you understand that WordPress offers a highly sophisticated CMS to its users.

CMS Ratings

This post compares ratings of all CMS on OpenSourceCMS. Every user is allowed to rate each CMS once. Joomla is in a top position here as well. WordPress is at a lower position. Ratings are of cause relative and depend on so many factors. Anyway, this post is interesting to follow as the content is updated regularly.

Ratings of CMS by OpenSourceCMS users - Nov 2016
Open Source CMS –

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