Just an Egg

Eggs are an interesting subject to advertise. Here are some random inspirations and facts about eggs.

Parametric Design : The Egg Project, found on Issuu.com, posted by Matthieu Bouchaud.

So beautiful.


The Egg Book, found on Issuu.com, posted by Fazilet Tanrikulu

this is a book with some 120 pages filled with facts of nutrition, health and other aspects of eggs and includes a number of recipes.

The Golden Egg is a book on entrepreneurship. It is inspiring and I want to read it -badly. Found on Issuu.com,  by Martijn Driessen.

How to become a successful entrepreneur. That’s the main topic of this book. Based on scientific research on entrepreneurship by the author and successful entrepreneur Dr. Martijn Driessen, the most important competencies for success in business are revealed.

Found on Issuu, posted by Mollie Norton.

Be a Good Egg is a campaign to raise awareness of the cage egg industry and their practices. An inspiration and good example for my student who are currently working on a similar brief.

Egg infographic poster
Egg infographic poster, source: Behance.net

Found on Behance.net, posted by Sung Han Jang.

A ‘perfect food’ egg with little or no day to eat in any form. Interesting facts about eggs are included in infographic. We also introduce delicious and simple representative dishes made of egg materials, and egg dishes in front of Hongik University.

Image from E'at For Fit - Egg' campaign
Eat For Fit – Egg, Branding, Campaign, found on Behance.net

Packaging and branding campaign ‘Eat For Fit – Egg’, found on Behance.

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