Pursuing Meaning Over Happiness

Watch this inspiring talk by writer Emily Esfahani Smith about the pursuit of happiness versus the pursuit of deeper meaning. This talk will raise questions about life and what our focus in life may be. Emily has studied what makes us achieve happiness and our full potential with a sense of accomplishment. She interviewed hundreds of people and realised that she was rediscovering the purpose that surrounded her childhood years within her home. Emily speaks of four pillars to a meaningful life: belonging, purpose, storytelling, and transcendence. Belonging is about being connected to others in a meaningful way; purpose in life is that sense of feeling inspired through your actions and having direction. Storytelling is about the telling of our own story and the ability to weave the story as a mixture of fact and emotional experience. Transcendence is the fourth pillar and this relates to a way of life that is beyond your ego connected to a bigger cause, a greater idea, may this be of political, philosophical or religious nature. Be inspired by her talk.

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