WordPress Stuff

Tripwire Magazine’s 25+ Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

Tripwire Magazine’s Top 100 Websites To Find The Best Free WordPress Themes in 2017

Tripwire Magazine’s 30 Best Fullscreen WordPress Themes – The Ultimate 2017 Collection

Tripwire Magazine’s 15+ Responsive WordPress News Themes To Impress Your Readers in 2017

Tripwire Magazine’s 14 Amazing Restaurant Menu Templates For WordPress For 2017

Divi by Elegant Themes – a drag and drop plugin for WordPress.org

Divi is an easy to use plugin for WordPress.org

WP101’s How to Install WordPress – video tutorial on how to install WordPress.org  on your PC. Using WordPress.org opens up a lot of options for the web designer. It is a more customisable alternative to WordPress.com, but you need to self host. A whole range of plugins becomes available, such as Divi (see above).

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