Adding an Edge to Your Copy

You may have followed all the advice on how to write good copy, applied power words to your text and even used strong openers and still cannot seem to chisel the words into a persuasive and engaging piece of writing. Or perhaps you have reached a writer’s block. This is a common phenomenon  after all.

Do not despair, you are on track. But like a sculptor who has run out of ideas and reached a creative block, you may just want to try a new angle, use a new tool.

Chris Haddad gives 8 tips that are catchy and funny. He is an entertaining presenter who uses wit in his copy ‘You cannot bore me into buying your product’. The central point of his approach is to understand the primal desire of a target audience and then make a promise and keep it. Watch 8 ‘Stupid’ Copywriting Tricks Part 1 and Part 2 (2 videos) on the Mindvalley Insights YouTube channel.

Rewrite your copy with these 8 tips. I am interested how point 7 will influence your copy. Please leave me a comment.

His 8 tips apply to a promotional or sales video as much as written copy. Here are his 8 (not so) stupid tips:

  1. Primal Desire – What does your target audience actually want? Find out what they actually want and give it to them. ‘Sell them what they want and give them what they need later’ – NOT ‘how to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend’, but ‘how to get hit on’. – ‘Make him beg to be your boyfriend’
  2. PIG ‘Punched in the Gut’ Storytelling – telling an exciting story, ‘you cannot bore people to buy your products’. Not: ‘Teach you to make electricity’, but: tell a story about a cold winter when your young daughter came running into your room with blue lips and freezing.
  3. Make Promises with Balls – what would you give the market if you had a magic wand and then bring it back to something you can back up: ‘Your ex will crawl over broken glass to get you back.’ rather than ‘Get Your Ex Back.’
  4. Confirm the Prejudices, Irrational Believes and Soul-crushing Fears Your Market Already has About Your Big Idea or Niche
    Make it outlandish and crazy. ‘You have been lied to by every man you have ever met!’ You do not want to sell at the beginning of your letter or video, you just want to get people to keep reading/watching.
  5. Transform Buying Your Product Into a Noble and Heroic Act
    ‘People buy based on emotion and try to justify it with logic.’
  6. Use ‘Aftercare’ Q&A to Remove Objections and Boost Your Sales
    During your pitch you sell as hard as you have to, but during the aftercare you shift tone and become the friend.
  7. Seven Deadly Sins Bullets Cut to the Core of What Your Market Wants
    How to write bullets? Apply the 7 deadly sins to writing them: Cut Through Writer’s Block With If/Then/Why

    • Gluttony (more than you need)
    • Greed (flashy cars)
    • Sloth (easy, simply, lazy)
    • Envy (the look on your neighbour’s face)
    • Wrath (finally punish the arrogant cafe owners)
    • Pride (protect your family)
    • Lust (women drawn to you like an electro magnet)
  8. If you are (part of this certain demographic), then this will be the most important message you will ever read, and here is why (because).

 8 Copywriting Tricks – Part 1 – YouTube channel: Mindvalley Insights

 8 Copywriting Tricks – Part 2 – YouTube channel: Mindvalley Insights

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