Virtual Coffee Table for UX and UI Design

Here are a few interesting sites or posts on UX and UI Design. Some may be just a good read and others good overall resources.

UX Matters is a website about UX “providing insights and inspiration for the user experience community.” I came across this site when looking for a basic definition of UX for a test for my students.

usability graphic by Flow Bohl
Usability – Source: – Flow Bohl

79er – Flow Bohl is the personal website by UX designer Flow Bohl. He has an interesting blog to go with it. He is an eccentric writer and combines creativity with UX.

UI  Design Resources to Read a post on fR with links to UX checklists, testing and Usability principles

DMI stands for Digital Management LLC, well at least the D and the I do. It is a company with a large UX and UI portfolio and they have released the below presentation on UX and UI Design: UX and UI Design PDF File.

UX Planet A good read for everything related to user experience.

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