Themes to Explore

Change is hardly ever easy, but let’s be honest, if you are up for it, change is a lot of fun, or at least it is a wake up call. So, I am ready for some.

It is time to change my teaching blog: RAE – Research and Exploration or simply: Class of Federico. It is time to revamp the site that was born out of necessity and give it a new look and give it more functionality.

Goodbye Splendio and hello new theme yet to be found. For the record, Splendio has been developed by Design Disease.

Screenshot of RAE - Research and Exploration.
RAE – Research and Exploration screenshot in its old WordPress theme Splendio (by Design Disease).


Mellow by ThemeTrust

Desktop with Mac PC showing website using WordPress theme Mello by ThemeTrust.
WordPress theme Mello by ThemeTrust. Source:

An elegant theme that allows users to focus on images and content.

Ippo by Themes Kingdom

WP Theme Ippo
Screenshot of WordPress theme Ippo

The image above is potentially misleading, as it seems to show a post and is very minimal. Generally, when you use a theme it changes with your choices quite significantly. Anyhow, Ippo looks clean, minimal, elegant and meets an important criteria in my selection: the menu is static and does not disappear when scrolling.

So, maybe Ippo is the choice to give RAE a royal touch.

Aperitive by Themes Kingdom

Screenshot of website in WordPress theme Aperitive by Themes Kingdom
WordPress theme Aperitive by Themes Kingdom.

A pro is the fact that the menu is static and no scrolling will confuse the user. Another interesting aspect is that the branding is powerful with this theme with the image and menu on the left hand side being stationary. This means that only half of the page is in use (in the screentop version), so only the right hand side scrolls with the content. As stated above, this gives a lot of opportunities to branding, but it reduces the real estate of your webspace. Is it a positive or negative? I let you be the judge.

Aquene by Themes Harbor

Screenshot of demo website for WordPress theme Aquene
WordPress theme Aquene by Themes Harbor

This one is a definite maybe, but 100%. It is actually a very attractive looking theme, but I am not sure that I am sold on the floating menu.

Perle by Nudge Themes

Perle, German for pearl, is a visually appealing theme by Montreal based designer Sonia. While I like the overall treatment of layout, images and fonts, I am not sure that the scrolling menu is good as it disappears when you scroll down.

Screenshot of demo version for WordPress theme Perle by Nudge Themes
WordPress theme Perle by Nudge Themes


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