Gill Sans – A Love Affair

lower case g - Gill Sans
Lower Case G of Gill Sans or an ode to elegance and beauty?
Gill Sans font poster by Federico Viola
Gill Sans Arrangement – fR Federico’s Reader

This typeface by Eric Gill was designed close to 100 years ago and still feels fresh and crisp in 2019. Eric Gill worked as a student of Edward Johnston on Johnston Sans (or Underground Alphabet) the iconic font used for the London Underground.

Close up of Gill Sans (font) poster
Gill Sans Study – Behance – Lixin Feng

Gill based Gill Sans on Johnston Sans and created one of the most iconic sans serifs of the 20th Century. The lower case g is enough reason to fall in love with Gill Sans. It is a crisp and minimal, geometric font that finds a way into the hearts of every new generation of designers and design lovers.

Gill Sans Poster - close up
Gill Sans Poster – found on Behance-Lixin Feng

Gill Sans has been commercially very successful and was used since on the iconic Penguin Books jacket design (after German graphic designer Jan Tschichold became head of production in the late 40s – see image below). Gill Sans is also used in the logos of Italian clothing brand Benetton, BBC, Rolls Royce, TAG Heuer, Tommy Hilfiger and even eHarmony.

Gill Sans was also used in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Toy Story.

Examples of Gill Sans use in branding and movie posters.
Examples found at IDSGN – Design Blog

Interesting Reads About Gill Sans

idsgn – A Design Blog: Know your type: Gill Sans

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Gill Sans Study on Behance by Lixin Feng

DF Daylight Fonts featuring Gill Sans various font styles

WIRED: London’s Underground Gets a New Typeface Because 2016

Example of Penguin cover design change
Found on Pinterest

Documentaries and Films About Gill Sans

Exploring Gill Sans by YouTube channel D&AD – Creative Advertising, Design and Digital (about 6 min)

BBC Two Types The Faces of Britain Johnston and Gill Sans on dailymotion (about 1 hour)


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