Just Wanna Stay Here Forever

When you find a place in your daily routine and I use place as a regular moment in time in your weekly routine, it is a special moment, hour, maybe two hours that you spend doing something you love doing to regenerate energy and realign your inner self with who you really are and you you are aspiring to be.

In our modern World we too often use virtual spaces and I hope you make the time to find this as a real space and doing something outside the virtual World. My point is that we do not get enough breaks of the digital routines we are involved in: chasing our social media engagements from Insta to TikTok, Tweets, LinkedIn, Facebook posts and more to our emails, YouTube vids, Google searches, you name it.

When do you get a break. Make sure you do. Grab that book you had planned to read and find that special spot on the stair case where the sun rays touch your face and warm you up. This is the moment of your sanity, this is the moment of refilling your soul, this is the moment of you touch your inner self and revisiting a part of your soul that was craving that moment of solitude.

Now, while music should be your companion for most of your life, I hope that you find a smooth and relaxing tune to help you enjoy that special book. I recommend German composer Johann Sebastian Bach or Johannes Brahms. I personally do not listen enough to classic music, but always feel invigorated after hearing their warm compositions.

Another more urban and contemporary sound is this playlist by YouTuber Dreamy: Just wanna stay here forever.

Let me know what you think and make sure to give yourself that me-time that you are craving.

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