Top 10 Bogan Baby Names

The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names by Sabrina Rogers-Anderson is a fun take on naming your baby. You could possibly call it the Book of Names You Don’t Want to Call Your Baby (Unless You Are a Big Fat Bogan).

Book cover of "The Little Book of Bogan Baby Names" by Sabrina Rogers-Anderson
Source: Booktopia –

Obviously, this is a must read of any well-informed parent- questions like “Is Tygrrr too bogan for my child?” can be avoided all together.

So, the list has a few surprising names in there and here it is:

1. Axe1. Carryn
2. Bamboo2. Chablis
3. Chaton3. Corona
4. Dagger4. Graceland
5. Jaguar5. Honestee
6. Jaxtynn6. Jezzabella
7. Jevin7. Jinx
8. Mordax8. Jumelle
9. Rad9. Klowee 
10. Tygrrr10. Pistol

The book was released in 2017 and with the outbreak of Corona 2 years later, Corona would have plummeted in popularity.

What would be your choice? What names are missing?

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